June 2003

Osborne House Garden Show
“Up the Garden Path”
Silver Gilt Medal

This was our first attempt at creating a show garden. We made all our fencing, dug up plants from our gardens and begged and borrowed various ephemera. We created a traditional cottage garden using Dahlias, Penstemon, Verbascum, Foxgloves, Clematis and mixed grasses.

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July 2003

Isle of Wight County Show
“Nautical But Nice”
Second Prize

For this garden we were required to create a ‘beach garden’. True to form, we made the hut, foraged for driftwood and borrowed the ex-ferry mooring rope.  Here we used tough plants capable of withstanding salt laden winds such as Stipa tenuissima, Sedums, Verbena bonariensis and Armeria.

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September 2003

Wolverton Manor Garden Show
“The Cool Chicks Garden”

Here we wanted to show that a variety of vegetables and flowers can be grown together in a small space. We used several varieties of lettuce and herbs and late flowering plants such as Cosmos, Sedums, Scabious and Lavender. We also borrowed 2 Belgian D’Uccle bantams for the event, who quickly became the stars of the show!

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July 2004

Hampton Court Palace Show
“From Old Gaffer to Gardener”
Designed by Yvonne Matthews

We were part of the construction team for this garden and also helped the Hardy’s Cottage Garden Plants team build their Daily Mail Pavilion Show Garden.

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